Björk – Homogenic (Elektra, 1997)

Since the release of Post, Björk has had some heavy affairs of the heart (from her tempestuous relationship with Tricky to the well-publicized engagement and subsequent break-up with drum ‘n’ bass star Goldie) and this album shows it. The mood and tone is consistently somber. While I may prefer the happier, quirkier, musically schizophrenic Björk of old, this album is gorgeous. The use of strings have a vaguely alien feel. I suspect that there is a bit of Icelandic classical influence, maybe reflecting a bit of yearning Björk feels for her homeland as she’s been living as an expatriate in London for several years. Björk has decided, at least for a while, to act her age, and has proven that she is aging more gracefully than anyone could hope for themselves. I don’t normally connnect one’s musical progress with who they date, but I find it remarkable how she’s managed to bag the top talents in trip-hop, drum ‘n’ bass, and now electronica (she’s currently seeing Howie B). With the ideas absorbed from her ex-lovers alone, I imagine Björk’s next album could be the orgasmic rainbow-gumbo of styles I’ve been craving.

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