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What Last Minute Goodies Will Krampus Pull from His Black Bag?

As the year-end best album lists start coming out the holiday season, there’s always a few artists who either transcend critical influence, or are so under the radar it doesn’t matter, and they drop an album in December with little … Continue reading

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Thin Lizzy Worship: Carousel, Black Trip & Dead Lord

This year has seen a flood of albums from bands paying tribute to Thin Lizzy. The fact that they generally happily admit to Thin Lizzy being a primary influence, even emblazoning it on the sticker such as the case of … Continue reading

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Double Trouble: Double Albums Are Still A Thing!

There was once a time when double albums were kind of a big deal. Even established artists had to often fight with their labels to release double albums, because it meant more packaging, more expensive studio time, and ultimately less … Continue reading

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Baroness’ John Baizley Writes About Crash

Over six weeks since Baroness’ horrific bus crash in Monkton Combe, UK, John Baizley gives a detailed account of his experience. I knew the band would choose to get back on the horse if they could, but the long-term implications … Continue reading

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Baroness Tour Bus Crash in Bath – Update

Earlier today, Baroness‘ publicist, Monica Seide of Speakeasy PR & Marketing, released the following update regarding the musicians’ medical condition: “The band members of Baroness and their crew are recovering from injuries sustained after their tour bus crashed outside of Bath, England early on … Continue reading

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