The Darkness – Hot Cakes Streaming

The brief lull of summer releases the past few weeks will be ending soon. There’s been a few good ones by Nachtmystium, Testament and Redd Kross, but nothing I’ve been inspired to buy. I’m kind of excited over The Darkness. Nearly a decade after the UK band emerged in a blaze of glory and Justin Hawkin’s catsuits and some will still misunderstand them. Understand this, the band is not a joke. They may seem campy, but their homages to Queen’s Freddie Mercury are sincere, not ironic. Not to say their over-the-top lyrics aren’t often hilarious. Their party-rockin’ synthesis of 70s glam, AC/DC and 80’s hair metal is too well crafted to be a parody. Hot Cakes is their first since the underrated One Way Ticket to Hell…And Back (2005), and it’s currently streaming in it’s entirety at They’re back to the tight, hooky songs of Permission To Land (2003) without recycling any ideas and riffs. First impression is it’s definitely solid. The resurrection of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” in the Superbowl commercial earlier this year will guarantee I won’t be seeing them at a small club like Double Door again, but more power to ’em. May Hot Cakes sell like, you know, a multi-platinum blockbuster to keep Justin in all the glittery, crotch-plunging jumpsuits he desires. It’ll be out on August 20.

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