The Sword, Tacos & Tears Of Fire With Anthony Bourdain

Tacos are definitely one of the top foods that put me in my happy place. Stoner metallers The Sword are on the same page as frequent customers of Quality Seafood Market in Austin, TX. They love their fish tacos so much they had their own hot sauce made called “Tears Of Fire” so they can experience the tacos twice (yay TACOS! ouch, curse you TACOS!) It includes both red habaneros and the hottest pepper in the world, the ghost (naga jolokia) pepper. They shared tacos and sauces with Anthony Bourdain in an episode of his travel show, No Reservations – The Final Tour that aired on Monday. The sauce is so hot, it apparently took the FDA a while to approve it, and I think I saw Bourdain break a sweat after sampling it.

$10 a bottle is kind of steep, but if I can find a bottle, I accept the challenge. The hard part is keeping it balanced so that it’s not so hot that your buds can’t taste any flavor. The sauce was made by Brian Rush of Tears Of Joy hot sauce shop. Customers who like “Tears Of Fire” are advised to also try the subtly poetic “Ass Reaper,” “Rectal Rocket Fuel” and “Death Rain.” In their spare time, The Sword also makes albums. Their fourth, Apocryphon comes out on October 22nd on Razor & Tie. Produced by J. Robbins (Jawbox, Clutch), it’s intended to be more straightforward than the thematically ambitious Warp Riders (2010), “just 10 banging hard rockers” according to Guitarist Kyle Shutt in Alternative Press. It will feature cover art by comic book artist J.H. Williams III (Batwoman, Promethea).

01 – “The Veil Of Isis
02 – “Cloak Of Feathers
03 – “Arcane Montane
04 – “The Hidden Masters
05 – “Dying Earth
06 – “Execrator
07 – “Seven Sisters
08 – “Hawks & Serpents
09 – “Eyes Of The Stormwitch
10 – “Apocryphon


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