New Albums of the Week, March 31

albums-week-2015-03-31It’s a good day for heavy and trippy today.

Ufomammut – Ecate (Neurot) – Italian cosmic doom sludge psych lays down their heaviest album (their 7th ) in years like the intergalactic space lord bosses they are. | Full Fast ‘n’ Bulbous Review | Spotify | Buy

The Lucid Dream – The Lucid Dream (Holy How Are You?) – Second album from UK psych rockers, this is going to be popular, and for good reason. Songs Of Lies And Deceit (2013) was a hidden psych treasure, and folks will want to make up for being late comers and fully embrace this dark but super accessible second album. | Full Fast ‘n’ Bulbous ReviewSpotify

Föllakzoid – III (Sacred Bones) – Third album from Chilean psych/kosmische rockers, assisted on synths by German artist Atom TM. Since Fujiya & Miyagi had a hit of sorts with Transparent Things in 2006, there has been a bunch of artists contributing to the subgenre I like to call New Kosmische, including Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, Electric Orange, Space Debris, Cave, BEAK>, Maserati, Peaking Lights, Eat Lights Become Lights, Majeure, Camera, Kosmischer Läufer, Moon Duo and one of the more recent stars, Föllakzoid from Chile. Their third full album progresses nicely, and is strong enough that even the blokes in Can and Neu would agree adds something special to the mix.

Marching Church – This World Is Not Enough (Sacred Bones) – A sort of supergroup project made up of members of Danish post-punkers Iceage and Lower, among other bands, including Iceage lead vocalist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt. This is a kind of tribute to garage noir as architected by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Gallon Drunk, along with Tom Wait’s bent Americana.

Blackout – Blackout (RidingEasy) – Sexy beardo New Yorkers mix doom with equal parts sludge and their hometown’s noise rock. | Spotify

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress (Constellation) – Venerable Canadian post-rockers. If you count their self-released cassette All Lights Fucked on the Hairy Amp Drooling (1994), this is only their 6th album in 21 years. Slow and steady! | Spotify

The Soft Moon – Deeper (Captured Tracks) – Third album by Minimal darkwave electro post-punk band from San Francisco. | Spotify

Lower Dens – Escape From Evil (Ribbon) – Third album from Baltimore dream pop outfit, with just a touch of post-punk. | Spotify

PINS – “Too Little Too Late” – Single from UK post-punkers. | Spotify

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